Geelong Outlook 2022 | QE CEO Russell Bullen lauds Geelong’s tremendous growth opportunity

    Quintessential Equity CEO Russell Bullen presented at Geelong Outlook 2022 this week, hosted by the Property Council of Australia. 

    Mr Bullen joined fellow presenters Simon Kuestenmacher (Co-Founder, The Demographics Group) and Kate Meryick (Director, Ubris), who shared their expertise with over 100 guests at the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre.

    The event showcased how the property industry is at the forefront of Geelong’s urban expansion and development, alongside the need for future investment to meet the evolving demands of a growing population.

    During his presentation, Mr Bullen explored Geelong’s tremendous potential for continued growth and the ways in which Quintessential Equity has contributed to its development. 

    “It was a privilege to speak at Geelong Outlook 2022,” said Mr Bullen.

    “Geelong is fast becoming one of the best places to live and work in Australia, which is why are choosing to invest so heavily in the region.”

    “With a population growth of around 2.5 per cent each year, Geelong is one of Victoria’s fastest growing regional centres. It presents itself as a major opportunity for further meaningful development, and Quintessential Equity is proud to be leading the charge in that regard.” 

    Mr Bullen also spoke to Quintessential Equity’s various commercial projects in Geelong’s CBD that are setting a global standard for sustainability and tenant wellbeing, including:

    “Today, there is competition to create great spaces for workers. Quintessential Equity is a key player in that”, said Mr Bullen.

    “If a company or organisation wants to attract good employees, they need to provide quality working environments. We are creating those environments through our various projects in Geelong’s CBD, setting global standards in the process.”

    “We consider this to be a particularly appealing opportunity for the Victorian government, to further consider moving some of its departments to Geelong – just like it has done with WorkSafe Victoria to 1 Malop Street.”

    We thank the Property Council of Australia for allowing us to co-partner the event, alongside Major Partner Urbis.

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