Quintessential Equity is a property private equity business specialising in the regeneration and development of commercial property.

    We consistently deliver industry leading returns for our investors. Our approach allows us to be capital ready, waiting for the right opportunities that have all the hallmarks of a QE property.

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    • 23.6


      Weighted average Net Internal Rate of Return for properties sold. Properties on hand are not included.

    • 105.4


      Weighted average Net Total Return for properties sold. Properties on hand are not included.

    • 92.75


      Tenant retention rate


    Everything we do is driven by our commitment to provide an exceptional experience to our investors, tenants and Ecosystem partners through the following expertise:

    • Private Equity

      We constantly seek to earn and retain investors' trust by providing exceptional experiences and risk mitigated returns.

    • Existing Assets

      We regenerate unloved buildings for our tenants, investors and the community, turning these buildings into high performing assets.

    • Property Development

      We create purpose-led developments for tenants with a focus on design excellence, sustainability, community and the built environment.

    For our team, sustainability is not just a goal.

    It is an essential component to providing purpose-led spaces that look after our tenants, our community and our environment. This forward thinking approach future proofs our investments, providing a strong return for our investors.

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    Hear from our investors

    • “As a family of property developers, people often ask us why we invest with Quintessential instead of doing your own projects. It is a question that is often discussed around our Family Office Boardroom, and we keep coming back to the same answers. Quintessential offers us the ability to invest in property development projects all around Australia, where we do not have control or staff on the ground outside of Melbourne. They have the ability to invest in and develop much larger projects than we can do as one family, opening the door to a much wider range of potential deals. Whether co-investing in individual sites or participating in their funds, the two-way communication between Quintessential and Ourselves is always appreciated, from the feasibility stage all the way through to project delivery. As pleasing as the financial results have been of the successful projects, we have been even more impressed at the projects that Quintessential have declined over the years, even after weeks of Due Diligence and costs that they have incurred. It is this process that indicates to us that the Quintessential team has clearly defined targets which need to be achieved before any project can start.”

      Joel Dodge Point Property Group
    • “Our family invest with Quintessential Equity due to their investor-first philosophy, conservative low-risk approach, transparent nature, and ability to consistently achieve superior returns. As investors we feel part of the QE family and we are treated as valued family members.”

      Chris Batrouney Merlvic Pty Ltd
    • “I liked the QE business model from the start with my initial investment in 2016. It was not long before I gained confidence in the way QE conduct themselves, demonstrating a high degree of integrity and transparency, strengthening my faith leading me to increase the number of investment’s over time including the Quintessential Equity Master Fund. Carefully selected incredible properties with great returns lowers the investment risk. What really gave me confidence was meeting Shane, Harry and the team who are very knowledgeable in their field and their professional conservative approach with only considering opportunities that pass their very stringent evaluation process. They are terrific people with a no nonsense style and a very honest view of the business.

      I now consider this one of the best investments in my portfolio.”

      Private Investor
    • “We chose Quintessential to invest our hard earned cash knowing the background of the people involved, their straight forwardness and their extraordinary attention to diligence. For 10years we have invested with confidence and that confidence has only grown over that period. We have had great returns and a lot of comfort investing in Quintessential. They keep you informed of the status of each property and you can always talk directly to someone if need be. Their great success was the principals they started with and that hasn’t changed which has been very reassuring and an enjoyable experience.”

      Sam and Gayle King
    • There is one element that stands out when referring QE, it is trust. We were attracted to QE before we had even heard any presentation, from Harry and Shane. This came from the way others talked about QE, it appeared there was something different about their people and the investments they make. Since investing the care they show for our money, is where the trust is bred from. They care about all points in the chain, the investor, the tenant, the financier and their own team.

      Steve Kloss CEO