We are a property private equity business specialising in the regeneration and development of commercial property.

    Everything we do is driven by our commitment to provide an exceptional experience to our investors, tenants and Ecosystem partners.

    We provide exceptional outcomes for our investors, tenants and Ecosystem partners through the following expertise:

    • Capital Raising

    • Engineering and Construction

    • Property

    • We treat our investors’ capital as our own. Our investors trust our process and deep understanding of the market. By raising investor equity we are positioned to act when the right opportunities present.

    • At the heart of QE is our in-house engineering expertise, allowing us to identify opportunities where others would see risk and create long-term value for our tenants and investors.

    • Our team’s passion for property is infectious. Whether it is developing a new building or regenerating an existing one; we are always focused on our tenants’ needs.

    QE has consistently delivered industry-leading returns for our investors.

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    • 23.4


      Weighted average Net Internal Rate of Return for sold properties. Properties on hand are not included.

    • 106.3


      Weighted average Net Total Return for sold properties. Properties on hand are not included.

    • 92.8



      AT June 2021


    Shane Quinn and Harry Rosenberg established Quintessential Equity in 2010, bringing together their decades of experience in property, engineering and chartered accountancy.

    The team’s collective knowledge and expertise in property, engineering and finance, supported by our network of outstanding partners, is integral to our success.

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