Our Leadership Team

    • “It is our exceptional team and their passion that drives the quality of Quintessential’s outcomes.”

      Shane Quinn, Executive Chairman

    • QE was established by Shane Quinn and Harry Rosenberg in 2010, bringing together their decades of experience in property, engineering and chartered accountancy. With CEO Russell Bullen and CFO Richard Lucas, they lead an expert team of agile, hands-on professionals, each passionate about property and highly experienced in their respective fields.

    • Leadership Team
    • Advisory Board
    • Investment Committee

    Meet the Leadership Team

    Our leadership team has diverse experience and capability which enables our people to thrive and our business to consistently deliver exceptional results.

    Meet the Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board has been created to promote the strategy and long term growth of Quintessential Equity.

    Meet the Investment Committee

    The Investment Committee has been established to independently review, assess and make recommendations in respect of all potential existing asset acquisitions on behalf of investors in the QE Master Funds.

    External members

    QE Executive members

    Our Ecosystem partners

    To deliver the best possible results for investors and tenants, the QE team is supported by our network of outstanding Ecosystem partners including agents, valuers, financiers, legal advisers, property consultants and construction companies.

    • "At MinterEllison we see Quintessential Equity as being an extension of our own team. Having worked together for close to a decade and represented them in legal matters across all states and territories where Quintessential Equity is active, our teams have organically grown closer over time.

      The 6 principles defining Quintessential Equity’s way are closely aligned with the MinterEllison purpose and that alignment of styles translates to our working relationship enabling us to bring our honest and whole selves to work, play to our strengths and provide real value to Quintessential Equity’s investors and tenants.

      It’s not just about billable units but creating enduring relationships that traverse the entire lifecycle of an asset - from initial due diligence, acquisition, redevelopments, leasing and asset management strategies and (eventually) sales, we are there for the journey ... and look forward to hearing the Quintessential Equity Bell ring many more times over the coming years."

      Peter Mitchell

      Partner, MinterEllison

    • "Being a valued member of its Ecosystem positions us as a trusted partner to Quintessential Equity (QE). We continue to be envious of the success enjoyed by QE, but we know first-hand that this success has been the result of great leadership, hard work and diligence. QE has proven to be a bold investor – it takes enormous skill, courage and patience to find opportunity where others do not.

      We share cultural alignment with QE where the values of enjoyment, integrity and excellence are at the centre of the decisions we make. QE talks about a culture of loving its tenants – as part of its Ecosystem, we also experience a connection that resonates in a relationship founded on respect, trust and at a very basic level, dealing with a great team of people."

      John Mutton

      CEO, Austbrokers Corporate Pty Ltd

    • "I have had the pleasure of working with QE, and more specifically Noah Warren, over the past 4 years. We have shared in the success of 8 Gardner Close and have been side by side in the trenches at Garden Square. They are excellent at developing and maintaining professional relationships with tenants, agents and key decision makers. QE are on top of their game and I would not hesitate to invest with them as I know I would be in safe hands. Its landlords like QE that make agents want to come to work."

      Bo Veivers

      National Director Office Leasing, Colliers International

    • "Quintessential Equity is an astute Client who clearly understands project objectives and effectively communicates these to their supporting consultant team. Quintessential Equity also respects the value contributed by its consultants and as a consultant we feel very much a part of Quintessential Equity’s team. This approach enables project teams to explore opportunities to improve the way we deliver buildings. An example of this is the use of Mass Timber Construction for the City of Greater Geelong Council Accommodation Building. Working with Quintessential Equity is therefore easy and a pleasure."

      Rob DiBlasi

      Director, 4D workshop

    • "We are delighted to support QE in their development projects as part of their Ecosystem. They regularly challenge themselves and all of the supporting team by proposing projects of superior quality and sustainability, then commit to deliver on these aspirations.

      In dealing with its Ecosystem partners, the QE team expect this same level of commitment and contribution to project success, but genuinely provide the opportunity for each stakeholder to thrive."

      Rob Purdue

      Director, Gallagher Jeffs

    • "Trusted, transparent, candid, with shared alignment is what I believe are some of the values we look for in our partners - Quintessential Equity walk all of these and more.

      ADAPT Executive are very proud to be considered part of the QE Ecosystem and importantly, have the privilege to work closely with their leaders and their external partners to achieve shared successful outcomes."

      Dave Storey

      Executive Director, ADAPT Executive

    • "It has been our pleasure to work with Quintessential Equity on its property funds and AFS licensing matters. The team are clearly focused, passionate and receptive to advice. Their commitment to compliance in the highly regulated financial services sector is a testament to the Quintessential leadership, personnel and the culture and ethos of the business as a whole.

      We are honoured to be an Ecosystem Partner and regard it so highly that we are trying to implement a similar concept within our own organisation."

      Above all, every Quintessential Equity team member with whom we deal always exhibits the utmost integrity and they are, quite simply, the nicest of people. We hope to remain associated with them for many years to come.

      Langton Clarke

      Partner, McMahon Clarke

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