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Six reasons to favour Quintessential Equity as a commercial property buyer

As a dynamic and diversified property group, we partner with commercial real estate agents to purchase strategically-located commercial office and industrial assets around Australia.
Below are six reasons to favour Quintessential Equity as a commercial property buyer.

  1. We’re capital ready
    Quintessential Equity has assembled a $110-plus million war chest from our investors giving us over $200 million of leveraged buying ability. Our new Master Fund means we are less reliant on banks than other buyers, at a time when commercial property finance is increasingly difficult to secure. If the deal meets our due diligence criteria, you can rest assured that we will be able to complete the sale.
  2. Speed of completion
    We are in a position to complete deals in a little over 30 days due to our established due diligence procedures, experience in negotiations and the funds we have at the ready.
  3. Ethical due diligence
    Previous vendors and their agents have been impressed with Quintessential Equity’s approach to due diligence, with the deals being honoured and nothing being done to frustrate the process. We stick to our agreements.
  4. We value our partners
    We value long-term relationships with all of our stakeholders, including commercial property agents. If a commercial real estate agent introduces us to a property that we subsequently buy, your agency will get priority when it comes to leasing or re-selling in future.
  5. Clear property purchase criteria
    Quintessential Equity invests in strategically located and structurally sound office and industrial properties around Australia with the potential to deliver attractive long-term income streams to investors. We’re not blinded by yield or frightened of a challenge. Our past purchases have included some sites requiring environmental or aesthetic upgrades, and those offering further development opportunities. We generally purchase properties for between $15 and $150 million, and sometimes partner with vendors.
  6. Discretion
    Some sellers don’t want to undergo a public sale by tender process, with the attendant headlines. Quintessential Equity is in a position to purchase and welcomes direct approaches from commercial property agents who may have a property of interest to us.

If you’ve got a property which might be of interest to Quintessential Equity, contact Kalen Foster via email kalen@quintessential.com.au.


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