Watch Geelong’s new Civic Precinct start to take shape

    27th May 2021

    Construction continues to progress at one of Geelong’s largest development projects, as the new $220 million Civic Precinct for the City of Greater Geelong has started to come out of the ground.

    Developed by Quintessential Equity, the city-shaping precinct will feature a centralised office for the City’s Geelong-based workforce, a separate office building owned by Quintessential Equity which will commence construction later this year, as well as a 2,600 square metre public open space.

    With Watpac appointed as the builder, the construction phase for the Civic Precinct is progressing on time and to plan. Completion is slated for mid-2022.

    “This is an exciting milestone for the city – and it won’t be long until this new precinct starts to shape Geelong’s skyline,” says Shane Quinn, executive director of Quintessential Equity.

    “Since breaking ground last August it has been all systems go, and we’re really happy with the progress so far on-site.”

    Located at 137 Mercer Street, the Civic Precinct has been envisioned as a place to benefit the entire Geelong community.

    As recently announced, the City’s new office and precinct will be known as ‘Wurriki Nyal’, which are Wadawurrung words meaning ‘speak and talk together’. The Quintessential Equity owned building will be called ‘Ngytan Koriayo’, which means ‘look over the water, see all around Corio Bay’, highlighting the building’s views for visitors and staff.

    Throughout construction, the project continues to support the local economy, with 70 per cent of construction packages awarded to local businesses so far. As signatories of the G21 Region Opportunities for Work (GROW) Compact, the City, Quintessential Equity and Watpac have committed to maximising economic and social outcomes for the region.

    “The precinct is a key revitalisation project for the region and throughout construction, we are creating on the ground employment opportunities to help stimulate growth and deliver tangible economic and social benefits to Geelong and its people,” adds Quinn.

    Construction snapshot to date:

    • Number of people emplyed on-site from G21 region to date : 128
    • Number of people inducted that reside within the G21 region from a disadvantaged area: 24
    • Percentage of dollar contribution towards the local region: 58%
    • Ground slab status: 90% complete
    • Level 1 slab status: 60% complete
    • Podium slab status: 40% complete


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