Reflections on International Women’s Day

    10th March 2020

    Over the weekend, the world celebrated International Women’s Day – an important event to celebrate women’s achievements and recognise the need for a gender equal world.

    At Quintessential Equity, we’re proud to work with a growing number of female investors. While this has traditionally been considered a male domain, there are a growing number of female investors in Australia. Women are becoming more active in educating themselves on investment opportunities and making informed decisions on how to grow their wealth and add to their superannuation funds.

    Approximately 18% of active Australian investors are women and this number has been growing since 2013, with 28% of females beginning their investment education in the last 12 months. (https://www.firstlinks.com.au/women-investor-numbers-grow-financial-education-lags)

    While just a few decades ago, women required a male guarantor to even take out a loan, today they are embracing investing and quite often using property or online investments to secure their financial futures. Firstlinks’ analysis reinforces that women too often underestimate their strengths as savers and investors, and encourages women to find investment opportunities that align with their values.

    Quintessential Equity is proud to honour the rise of female investors. To our female investors and women everywhere, we commend you for making such an important contribution to the growth and transformation of Australia’s investment market. Never miss an opportunity to put yourself in the financial driver’s seat.


    Shane Quinn

    Executive Chairman, Quintessential Equity

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