Quintessential Equity’s Master Fund No.3 a resounding success

    Quintessential Equity is delighted to announce Master Fund No.3 has had to close early due to an overwhelming demand from our investors for allocations. It closed ahead of the published closing date of 5 November 2021.

    “We are delighted the support of both existing and new investors in respect of Master Fund No.3 have exceeded all our expectations and the target of $125m of investor commitments two weeks before the announced closing date. The investors have shown us amazing support over the years and we will be working hard to continue to earn that trust that they have in our business and platform”, said Shane Quinn, Executive Chairman, Quintessential Equity. 

    Quintessential Equity’s impressive track record of strong returns for investors in their first two Master Funds has elevated appetite for this third Master Fund resulting in oversubscription. QE was conscious of not disappointing and subsequently took the decision to extend the target from $125m to $135m to accommodate more investors, which was taken up in a matter of hours.  

    Leveraging QE’s in-house construction and engineering expertise, Master Fund No.3 will continue implementing its successful investment approach of repositioning commercial office and industrial opportunities. 

    “Our investors trust QE’s integrity as a patient and prudent yet creative investor. Being capital-ready with approximately $250m+ of buying-power (including debt and Equity) will enable QE to act with speed and confidence to secure quality risk-mitigated opportunities for investors,” commented Avi Gordon, General Manager – Investor Capital.

    Shane Quinn added, “QE seeks to build long term relationships with investors based upon trust, and we are excited about opportunities which will present in the market under Master Fund No.3. It didn’t take long for agents from around the country to call us with lists of off-market opportunities where Vendors want to discreetly sell their assets to a buyer that is capital ready. We are excited with the prospects that have been put to us, and there may be a chance that we are entering due diligence before Christmas on an asset which would be very rewarding for all the hard work”.

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