Noah Warren, recently inteviewed on Canberra property podcast to share his background and expertise in property management

    Having been with Quintessential Equity since its establishment in 2010, Noah talks about his experience as well as his involvement in the property life cycle – from due diligence at acquisition to strategy implementation to asset disposal. Here he shares how his team work closely with tenants to ensure QE’s ‘love the tenant’ philosophy is lived in each property.

    Listen to the full interview with Noah Warren here.

    What does your role involve at Quintessential Equity?

    As General Manager of Asset Management, I’m across the regeneration of existing office buildings – taking the unloved buildings and regenerating them mechanically and aesthetically, working with tenants and finding new tenants to occupy our buildings.

    I work closely with our tenants to ensure a high level of service throughout the life cycle. That involves being across the due diligence process when our team finds an asset and working with our consultancy team to ensure the building ticks all the boxes and is a sound investment. From there we set the strategy to outline what we are going to do from a regeneration point of view to the office building or industrial property.

    What do you think the biggest challenge is for the industry and how are you contributing toward the solution?

    Right now, it’s what we are all faced with, which is the current pandemic. Property owners need to adapt and really provide their tenants with the comfort and reassurance that the buildings are healthy.

    Tenants need to know they can walk through the lobby and into their offices knowing that the right services been provided. That is a really big challenge facing a lot of property owners at the moment.

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