Meet Avi Gordon our General Manager – Investor Capital

    Avi Gordon is the General Manager – Investor Capital at Quintessential Equity. His role focusses on investor relationships and nurturing connections with both new and existing investors. Avi shares some valuable insights into his passion for his role and his relationships with investors.

    What is your approach with QE’s investors?

    The investors are the absolute backbone of our business – they are front and centre of absolutely everything that we do. At QE, we are a 100% relationship-focused company, this even goes beyond our investors. From our staff to our tenants, external advisors to our contractors, we believe that building long-term relationships on the foundations of trust and integrity, is fundamental to our business and critical to success. 

    The QE Investor Team always takes a proactive and personal approach with our investors,  irrespective whether they are new or existing, big or small. We are always honoured and humbled when an investor trusts us with their hard-earned money. We make ourselves available to investors and always let them know that we are only ever a phone call away whether for investment information or just for a chat.

    The KPI of our team is to “deliver an exceptional investor experience” which we strive to deliver every day.

    How do you meet new investors?

    Many of our investors have been with us from day one and have invested time and time again.  I am really lucky that in addition to our very loyal investor base, we have grown organically through the referrals by our existing investors to their family and friends. If they’ve had a good experience, they often want to share that experience with others. 

    We are always excited to meet new people who are interested in learning more about QE, our values and investment approach and are very grateful for all referrals. 

    What was your background prior to joining Quintessential Equity?

    Before joining QE in 2019, I was a financial services lawyer for seven years with a speciality in funds management.  I had been following QE’s success from the sidelines for many years!

    Why the change?

    I really admired the work that QE was doing and had heard so many great things about Harry and the team. So when the opportunity arose to join I jumped at it!

    How has your legal background shaped your role? 

    My background as a professional advisor, provided me with the experience acting as fiduciary, to always act in the best interest of clients. I think this duty is almost identical in my current role of ensuring the investors’ best interest are at the forefront of everything QE and I do. However, without a doubt, this role is a lot more fun!

    Can you share some insights into Quintessential Equity’s track record? 

    QE has consistently outperformed the market in the sectors that we invest in.  I don’t believe this is some sort of fluke, it’s through hard work, expertise and a thorough approach, ensuring we search patiently and diligently for the right property to acquire. Our Asset Management team are industry giants in finding and retaining quality tenants in our buildings, which drives the investor returns. 

    Without a doubt, our investors really appreciate our prudence in only deploying their money into opportunities that we meet our very discerning buying criteria and then ensuring that we work the properties really hard to generate them the best possible returns. 

    What are the golden rules of capital raising? 

    I think that’s a one-word answer – trust.

    It doesn’t matter if they invest twenty thousand dollars or twenty million dollars, we don’t believe in half trust. If we are being entrusted with someone’s money, we have a huge responsibility and we take that very seriously.

    This also means that when it comes to our communications and reporting it has to always be timely and with complete transparency. We would never hide anything from investors and we always keep them informed every step of the way. This is proven by the consistently high scores we receive in these areas in our investor surveys. 

    Coupled with our strong investor returns I think that’s why investors are very happy to invest with us. 

    What insights would you share with those who have never invested with Quintessential Equity before?

    At QE, we have absolute fidelity to property fundamentals. We won’t do a deal unless we believe we have identified all risks and then developed, costed and approved strategies to mitigate them.  Our conservatism is fundamental in everything we do, with investors’ capital preservation first and foremost. 

    Over the past decade we have consistently outperformed the market and achieved risk-mitigated industry-leading returns. This is through doing the small things right every day. Buying cautiously, taking excellent care of our tenants, engineering comfortable and attractive buildings and ensuring we support everybody in our network, which ultimately delivers strong returns to investors.

    Above all, I believe that we strive to earn and retain the trust of our investors every day. We really care.

    Why is it an exciting time to launch Master Fund No.3?

    With Master Fund No.3 just around the corner, we plan to continue to implement QE’s proven investment strategy of finding high-quality attractive investment opportunities in the market. We believe that leveraging off our platform of expertise and deep experience, we will continue extract the value on behalf of the investors and derive long-term, secure income.

    I’m really proud that at QE, we have been at the forefront of providing comfortable and innovative workplaces for our tenants well before the pandemic hit.  Wellness and great amenity are critical for our tenants to not only attract them into our buildings but to help them thrive. 

    I am really confident that QE will continue to find opportunities in the market and we will swoop in to secure those opportunities on behalf of Master Fund No.3 investors.

    Any final words?

    Just a huge thank you to all of our investors. We really appreciate all your trust and support to date.  And as always, I am always just a phone call away….

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