Global talent appointed to head development at Quintessential Equity

    Seasoned international developer, Gavin Boyd, has been appointed Quintessential Equity’s General Manager of Development; adding over 30 years to the team’s expertise and a passion to deliver.

    The new role at Quintessential Equity, a dynamic diversified property company founded in 2010 with projects across the country – will have Boyd focusing on commercial and mixed-use development opportunities that meet Quintessential’s core business objectives.

    Crediting his broad industry experience of more than 30 years, Boyd has seen first-hand the challenges and opportunities of Australia’s changing investment property market.

    Boyd’s extensive experience ranges from working in industry leading property development companies, Macquarie Bank, private consulting and internationally with Dubai-based developer Nakheel. He recalls his skillset initially taking off in the 90s, mentored during his time at Walker Corporation when Melbourne CBD’s property industry was in its infancy.

    Boyd said: “I had always been interested in property and construction with my father working in the field, but I really fell in love with the work during my time in the mid-90s at Walker Corporation, in the early days of the industry in Melbourne.”

    As the industry has grown and become more sophisticated, niches have developed. Boyd explains it has become much harder to recruit ‘generalists’, providing an advantage for professionals in later stages of their careers.

    “Now the industry is a lot more segmented with commercial, separate to residential, separate to industrial. People get pigeon-holed very early in their career to specialise in a certain area of the property industry,” said Boyd.

    The increase in overseas investors and influx of capital are also significant changes that he has adapted to – and believes it is not all bad news for Australian companies.

    “CBD residential has become very hot and has thinned out the market for local developers. But this presents an opportunity to improve our industry from an availability and competitiveness point of view. We need to get smarter about what we deliver to the market, we cannot do the same.”

    “Foresight, market research, understanding the community, technology and environmental impacts, these have become more important than ever – and that’s an advantage for locals. We have an advantage of understanding the cycles and the history better,” he said.

    Boyd was attracted to Quintessential Equity because of the Directors’ ambition and drive in looking for new opportunities in a challenging market, and the opportunity to build on the strong track record, capability and trust the company has achieved. While a four-month recruitment process may have frustrated other candidates, Boyd was drawn to the value they placed on finding a person with the ‘right’ cultural fit.

    “What excites me about Quintessential Equity is that it’s a unique property company with such diverse and in-depth set of expertise in-house. It means it can do things differently – small enough to work collaboratively with the community, big enough to draw on established relationships with our industry partners.”

    “Quintessential Equity has an impressive track record of delivering projects that provide long-term, stable income, and I believe the new WorkSafe headquarters in Malop Street Geelong – which I’ll be working on heavily – has the potential to really solidify their position on the map as a development company to watch,” said Boyd.

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