Feature Two | The Quintessential Network with Leedwell’s Steve Smith

    Our series ‘The Quintessential Network’ celebrates the work of our Ecosystem partners and demonstrates the excellent outcomes that can be achieved through meaningful and lasting relationships

    For the second feature in this series, we sat down with Steve Smith from QE’s trusted leasing partner Leedwell to discuss the importance of collaboration in the property industry.


    What does your role involve?

    I am one of four partners at Leedwell alongside John Savva, Andrew Zammit and Chris Parry. As owners, we have an extremely high care factor for all facets of the business including processes, brand, people, customers and clients. The key element of my role is to manage our industrial property teams in sales and leasing at our Adelaide and Melbourne offices. Motivating people, leading by example, creating opportunities, doing deals and building relationships are all part of my day-to-day.


    How important is collaboration and relationships in your role?

    As a passionate people person, I thrive on building strong internal teams and great relationships with clients. A lot of my happiness comes from experiencing teams of people working together to achieve success. I believe a collaborative team will always accomplish greater outcomes than an individual, and more efficiently. Achieving strong and successful outcomes for our clients motivates me and my team every day.

    When we started Leedwell 12 years ago, we wanted to be something to someone, not everything to everyone. It’s something we have always lived by and it sits in the forefront of our minds every day.


     How have you had to adapt the way you do business as a result of the pandemic?

    It’s interesting because the pandemic has caused a lot of challenges for many industries, sectors and businesses, but it has also created a number of opportunities.

    At Leedwell, we have had to develop a strong awareness that things can change quickly but equally, new opportunities can be created. The biggest challenge for us has been reduced face to face interaction because it is such a critical part of our relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

    On the flip side, the availability of technology has enhanced our ability to build relationships across borders, interstate and internationally. It has reinforced that people are the platform for success in the property industry and face to face, whether it is across a computer or in-person, is valuable and important.


    Tell us about a significant deal you have achieved with Leedwell in 2021 so far.

    We are really proud to have secured a 44,000 square metre lease with Visy at QE’s Port Adelaide Distribution Centre.

    We loved collaborating with QE on this deal and our long-held relationship with Visy allowed us to navigate the process more efficiently. This deal reinforced the strength of our relationships and our position in the market as a leading industrial property service provider in Adelaide and Melbourne.

    At Leedwell, we have a platform to grow our business nationally and I think these types of transactions are milestones that put up in lights that we have the skills and experience to achieve these deals whether they’re in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney.

    As we look to expand our business nationally, we know there will be a lot of new opportunities to work together with QE and achieve more mutual success.



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