Civic Precinct: Details announced

    In partnership with the City of Geelong, Quintessential Equity has unveiled our innovative and sustainable timber design for the City’s new central administrative office at 137 Mercer Street. We have partnered with the The City of Geelong in this $200 million investment, with construction of the new Civic Precinct to create nearly 900 local jobs.


    Video highlighting details of the project

    Detail highlights:

    • An estimated 43 per cent of construction costs will be sourced locally.
    • The project is predicted to generate positive cashflow of $1.2 million per year.
    • Quintessential Equity and the City will engage with G21 Regional Opportunities for Work (GROW) to ensure local employment opportunities created by the project.
    • The multi-building design of the new Civic Precinct includes a second commercial building to be funded completely by Quintessential Equity, creating sustainably designed, PCA A-Grade office space for an additional 900 full-time workers in central Geelong.
    • The partnership is also committed to meaningful ongoing engagement with Traditional Owners and the local Aboriginal community, building on the engagement undertaken earlier this year.

    “We are delighted to again be making an important contribution to the growth and transformation of Geelong’s community. This special project has all the hallmarks of what Quintessential Equity values from creating a world class sustainable building and precinct, which will embrace the unique lifestyle that Geelong has to offer combined with a workspace where the City of Greater Geelong employees and wider community can thrive and be proud of, reflective of one of Australia’s fastest growing urban areas.”

    Shane Quinn


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