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    Master Fund No.3 will continue QE’s proven investment strategy of repositioning and regenerating commercial office and industrial properties in strategic locations across Australia.

    Over a decade of generating industry-leading risk-mitigated returns for investors.

    • 23.6


      Weighted average Net Internal
      Rate of Return for properties sold

    • 105.4


      Weighted average Net Total
      Return for properties sold

    “We are excited about the great opportunities in the market for Master Fund No.3.  We look forward to sourcing and securing these opportunities for our investors.”

    Shane Quinn
    Executive Chairman

    Frequently Asked

    • Why is investing with QE different?

      At QE, we have an enviable track record of investor returns, which has been built on our iron-clad commitment to property fundamentals. 

      We always exercise patience and discipline when considering properties and leverage off our in-house engineering and construction expertise to not only discover opportunities, but to mitigate risks for investors. Our strict purchasing criteria (including only buying near or below replacement value) ensures we go into every opportunity with a competitive advantage.

      We believe that investor trust needs to be earned every single day. We do this by looking at every part of our business through the eyes of investors. From our transparent reporting, to back-ending fees, to putting investors interests first in every situation. Integrity is the essence of everything successful. 

      We are humbled and grateful each and every time someone invests with us – whether for the very first time or for the tenth time.

    • What is the investment objective of Master Fund No.3?

      Master Fund No.3 will continue to implement QE’s proven investment strategy of repositioning and regenerating existing commercial office and industrial properties in key strategic locations across Australia to derive long-term stable income, while preserving investor capital.

      Each property must be able to achieve at least an 8% net IRR for investors (based upon our conservative assumptions).

    • What are the advantages of a commitment-structured fund like Master Fund No.3?

      With the advantage of investor commitments from day one, we are able to go out to the market capital-ready. Being capital-ready attracts better opportunities to QE as we become a purchaser of choice and it allows us to act quickly and with agility, to secure quality opportunities for our investors. 

      Our regular reporting throughout the acquisition process ensures investors are kept well informed as to the timing and quantum of any capital calls.

    • What is the expected size of Master Fund No.3?

      We are seeking to raise up to $125m of committed capital (with a minimum of $75m), from wholesale investors. The capital-raising period will be for approximately four weeks. The Trustee of Master Fund No.3 does however reserve the right to adjust these amounts and time period at its discretion.

    • What is QE’s ‘love the tenant’ philosophy?

      At QE we view our tenants as partners in our business. Their success is our success. 

      We provide our tenants with great spaces in which they and their businesses can thrive and we seek to build long-term and close relationships with them. Our industry-leading tenant-retention rate of 92.8% (as at 30 June 2021) is testament to our relationship-focused approach. 

      By ensuring that the tenants are comfortable in our properties we are able to derive strong returns for our investors.  A happy tenant makes a happy investor.

    • When Master Fund No.3 sells a property, what happens to the sale proceeds?

      Upon the sale of a property in Master Fund No.3, we will distribute the net sale proceeds (after all fees and costs) to investors. We do not re-cycle these monies into further acquisitions.

    • Do the directors of QE invest alongside investors?

      Yes. Since our establishment more than a decade ago, the directors of QE have invested alongside investors in every single deal. We believe having our own money right next to our investors’ money is critical for our alignment of interests.

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