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The Quintessential Equity Master Fund

The Quintessential Equity Master Fund (the ‘Master Fund’) is an unlisted wholesale management investment scheme  that provides investors with the opportunity to invest directly into commercial or industrial properties in key strategic locations with the intention of repositioning these assets to provide long-term stable income and maximise investor returns.

In mid-2017, Quintessential Equity foresaw the changing bank lending approach – lower loan to value ratios, more onerous interest rate coverage and much more stringent lending criteria.

The Master Fund structure provides pre-committed investor capital, enabling Quintessential Equity to be ‘capital ready’ to take advantage of the buying opportunities that is created by the tightening of bank lending.

The Master Fund structure is made up of a number of trusts each owning a property under the one umbrella trust.

In April 2018, the Master Fund raised $112 million of investor commitments.

Continuing our proven approach to the properties we acquire

We apply the same buying metrics and the same strategies to reposition and enhance the properties that are being acquired in the Master Fund as we have done with all properties to date, which has resulted in our strong track record.

Each property being considered for the Master Fund undergoes our extensive due diligence process and we continue to apply our conservative assumptions in the financial projections.

Nimble cash buyer

Quintessential Equity created the Master Fund because we anticipated the reduced liquidity and tighter lending conditions across the commercial property sector. This has now eventuated.

Backed by pre-committed capital, Quintessential Equity has positioned itself as a nimble cash buyer ready to take advantage of the property investment opportunities that are now being presented.

Subject to our due diligence process, the Master Fund can therefore move quickly for properties that meet our criteria and provide certainty and speed of completion – both highly desirable attributes in this lending environment.

Risk mitigation

Quintessential Equity is committed to delivering risk-mitigated returns and preserving investor capital. The Mater Fund structure provides asset protection benefits.

All purchases by the Master Fund have to be approved by the Quintessential Equity Investment Committee, comprised of two independent members and two Quintessential Equity members.

Investing in the Master Fund, or find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about Master Fund No.2, or information about our past and current investments – what we do and how we do it – please do not hesitate to call the Investor Team on +61 3 9914 2214.



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