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The Quintessential Equity team’s extensive experience with property allows us to deliver exceptional risk-mitigated returns to investors on carefully selected properties.

These properties may be existing, regenerated or newly constructed, providing our investors with stable, long-term income.

Our expertise covers existing, new constructions, refurbishment, fit-outs, asset management, environmental upgrades and lease negotiations. We understand that ‘life is a long road’ and our philosophy of ‘love the tenant’ means that we work very hard at developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our tenants as the basis of our success.

With every property we seek to:

  • Mitigate risk and define exit strategies both at the initial purchase stage and throughout the life of the trust
  • Secure top quality tenants so as to have strong covenants
  • Improve the WALE (Weighted Average Lease Expiry)
  • Maximise the rent by providing a premium product for tenants
  • Provide base building services and improvements to encourage existing tenant retention and attraction of new tenants and reduce ongoing capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Provide quality management of the building, responsive to tenants’ needs and desired outcomes
  • Provide superior property management, engineering management and the required CAPEX to improve the tenants’ occupancy experience

We establish and maintain strong relationships with tenants by having face to face contact at least once a quarter, enabling us to understand their needs and meet them.

This positions us to achieve premium rentals, premium rental increases and premium tenant retention and in doing so, we are able to provide investors with superior returns and capital preservation.


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We understand that we have to earn the right for you to decide to invest with us. Our Investor Team welcomes your call on +61 3 9914 2214 or an email at investorrelations@quintessential.com.au

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