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Our team is closely monitoring what’s happening across the funds management and commercial & industrial real estate industries to help us navigate the challenges ahead. We thought we would share the latest information and best practise resources we find in this hub. Please check back here regularly for the latest updates.


28.07.20 | COVID-19 National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct | Source MinterEllison

14.07.20 | Returning to work safely – a series of videos  that outline all measures that QE have put in place to support our tenants  | Source QE

03.06.20 | Summary of Real Estate COVID-19 Client Alerts June 2020 | Source MinterEllison

03.06.20 | National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct . A jurisdictional compendium of commercial leasing
principles during COVID-19 | Source MinterEllison

26.05.20 | 3 Step framework for a COVIDSAFE Australia | Source Australian Government

21.05.20 | Steps in determining if a lease requires FIRB approval | Source MinterEllison

19.05.20 | Guidance on COVIDsafe use of Office building |  Source Safe Work Australia

19.05.20 | Commercial tenancy relief scheme FAQs | Source Victorian Small Business Commission

15.05.20 | COVID-19 Emergency Response (Further Measures) Amendment Bill 2020 | Source South Australia Government

15.05.20 | COVID-19 Emergency Response (Commercial Leases No 2) Regulation 2020 | Source South Australia Government

15.05.20 |South Australia introduces new measures to provide relief to commercial and retail tenants | Source MinterEllison

13.05.20 | ACT Leases (Commercial and Retail) COVID-19 Emergency Response Declaration 2020 Explanatory Statement | Source ACT Government

13.05.20 | ACT Leases (Commercial and Retail) COVID-19 Emergency Response Declaration 2020 | Source ACT Government

13.05.20 | ACT Leases (Commercial and Retail) COVID-19 Emergency Response Commercial Leases Declaration | Source MinterEllison

12.05.20 | WA COVID Safety Plan for businesses | WA Government

11.05.20 | Information for businesses returning to work | Source Safe Work Australia

05.05.20 | Victorian Government will provide further $491m in tax relief | Source Victoria State Government

03.05.20 | Victoria COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) (Commercial Leases and Licences) Regulations 2020 | Source MinterEllison

27.04.20 | Guidance note Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Amendment (Threshold Test) Regulations 2020  | Source Australian Government FIRB

27.04.20 | New FIRB and leasing guidance | Source MinterEllison

26.04.20 | COVIDSafe app launched | Source Australian Government

26.04.20 | NSW Retail and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation 2020 | Source MinterEllison

23.04.20 | NSW Electronic Transactions Amendment (COVID-19 Witnessing of Documents) Regulation 2020 | Source MinterEllison

23.04.20 | COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020 | Source MinterEllison

23.04.20 | COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 | Source MinterEllison

23.03.20 | ACCC grants retailers interim authorisation to collectively negotiate with landlords | Source MinterEllison

22.04.20 | Western Australian legislation provides relief for commercial tenants | Source MinterEllison

21.04.20 : New laws to provide support for commercial and residential tenants and landlords | Source WA Government

16.04.20 : SA COVID-19 Emergency Response (Commercial Leases) Regulations 2020 | Source MinterEllison

16.04.20| COVID-19 Emergency Response (Commercial Leases) Regulations 2020 | Source South Australian Government

15.04.20 | Emergency sitting of the Victorian Parliament next week | Victoria State Government

15.04.20 | Media Release Victoria State Government – Supporting Tenants and landlords through Coronavirus | Victoria State Government

15.04.20 | SA COVID-19 Emergency Response Act (assented 09.4.20) | South Australian Government

13.04.20 | NSW announces $440 million rent relief packages for commercial and residential tenancies | Source MinterEllison

11.04.20 | Tasmanian Declaration provides relief for commercial tenants | Source MinterEllison

09.04.20 | Tasmanian Government Gazette COVID-19 Disease Emergency | Source Tasmanian Government

09.04.20 | Australian Treasurer announces a blanket tightening of foreign investment screening rules | Source MinterEllison

09.04.20 | QLD Government moves to protect retail and commercial tenants | Source QLD Government

09.04.20 | News Alert South Australia COVID-19-Emergency Response Bill | Source House of Assembly

09.04.20 | News Alert South Australian legislation provides relief for commercial tenants | Source MinterEllison

08.04.20 | National Cabinet mandatory code of conduct for SME commercial leasing principles | Source Prime Minister of Australia website

08.04.20 | Commercial Tenancy code of conduct | Source Property Council of Australia

07.04.20| National Cabinet announces an industry code of conduct for commercial tenancies | Source MinterEllison

07.04.20 | Scott Morrison announces rent relief package for commercial tenants affected by coronavirus | Source ABC News

07.04.20 | Victorian students to learn from home, as VCE timelines revised | Source Victorian State Government

06.04.20 | Victorian Government recognises that industry partners in building and contruction are critical to recovery| Source Treasurer of Victoria

03.04.20 | Government announced a mandatory tenancy code of conduct to be introduced to help struggling businesses | Source Prime Minster Australia

02.04.20 | Helpful guide to understanding how JobKeeper Payment program works | Source NTAA

31.03.20 | Energy bill relief for small businesses in WA | Source WA Government

31.03.20 | Guidelines for the building and construction industry Victoria as at 31 March 2020 | Source: UDIA

31.03.20 | Federal Government announces JobKeeper program to support businesses and employees | Source: Pitcher Partners

31.03.20 | Major changes to the Foreign Investment Review Board  on foreign investment transactions | Source: McMahon Clarke

31.03.20 | Questions every fund manager must ask in the face of the COVID-19 crisis | Source: McMahon Clarke

30.03.20 | Banks to help commercial landlords who help tenants through COVID19 | Source: ABA 

30.03.20 | Economic Response to the Coronavirus | Source: Federal Government

30.03.20 | $3 billion to support jobs and businesses affected by COVID-19| Source: QLD Government

27.02.30 | WA State Government announced a $607 million stimulus package | Source: WA Government

26.03.20 | $1 billion stimulus package to save SA jobs, businesses | Source: SA Government

23.03.20 | Latest COVID-19 Government stimulus package: new support for business | Source: MinterEllision

22.03.20 | COVID-19 Second Stimular Package: Government initiatives | Source: Federal Government




Federal Government COVID-19 response

Federal Government information for business

Australian Capital Territory Government

 New South Wales Government

 Northern Territory Government

Queensland Government

Queensland Industry Recovery Package

South Australia Government

Tasmania Government

Victoria Government

Western Australia Government




We are undeniably in a challenging environment that’s continually evolving. COVID-19 is affecting us all in some way.

Things may be uncertain out there, but some things never change – our priority is as always our staff and our customers ; you our investors, tenants, ecosystem partners and other stakeholders. We’re here and working hard, looking around corners to help navigate our business.

The team are continually monitoring the legal, regulatory and commercial implications for the funds management and commercial & industrial real estate industries.  Therefore we will post all this information and best practise resources on this hub helping us navigate many of the important commercial challenges that we are experiencing and to help keep our team and you up to date.

Thanks for trusting us in these uncertain times. We’re here to support you.

Warm regards,

Russell Bullen, Chief Executive Officer


The content is for general informational purposes only, it may not be applicable to your organisation and does not constitute legal advice. You should seek advice before acting or relying on any of the content.

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